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The future of cloud storage

Cloud computing has influenced the storage landscape significantly. Hyperscalers are redefining the market by offering scalable and secure cloud storage solutions for a variety of data, applications and workloads.

This presents an opportunity where storage partners can focus on business requirements for storage infrastructures, while also delivering new forms of value.

Helping storage partners optimize and secure their offerings

At Ingram Micro Cloud, we believe the future of storage is multi-cloud and hybrid. The time is now for you to reshape your business and to add value for your customer.

We have the ability to:

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Adopt a hybrid-cloud and/or multi-cloud strategy
  • Enable further transformation and innovation

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Ingram Micro Cloud distinguishes three types of storage partners

  • On-premises storage

    Partners who mainly provide on-premises storage to their customers with a strong focus on traditional storage solutions like HDD, SSD and external drives.

  • Data center storage

    Partners who focus on providing data center storage solutions and who often have a strong VMware partnership. These partners offer local and networked storage.

  • Cloud storage

    Partners who already adopted cloud storage infrastructure as part of their offering and are focusing on providing hybrid-cloud and/or multi-cloud solutions.

The solution growth journey

At Ingram Micro Cloud, we’re committed to making sure that our partners get the most out of the investments they have made with us. At the same time, we want to help them deliver on future initiatives. That’s why we have created the Solution Growth Journey. These paths build a foundation for partners in four key areas:

Optimization Path

The Optimization Path enables partners to help customers maximize the value of their current investments in the cloud. (e.g., infrastructure optimization)

Security Path

The Security Path is designed to assist partners and their customers with complex security landscapes as well as their growth within the cloud. (e.g., security and compliancy solutions)

Transformation Path

The Transformation Path covers everything from the review process to rearchitecting the transformation of a customer’s cloud business. (e.g., application transformation to serve citizens in a better way)

Innovation Path

The Innovation Path empowers partners and their customers to develop state-of-the-art services that help solve unique business problems that customers face today. (e.g., implementing advanced data and AI solutions)

From compute-centric to data-centric

Ingram Micro Cloud helps partners stand out from the crowd by optimizing their storage offerings and ensuring their customers’ data is safe, secure and available. We also offer hybrid cloud storage, data migration and backup and recovery solutions, which allow partners to provide the multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud solution that best fits their customers’ needs and requirements.

  • Cloud Storage

    Object storage solutions that provide flexibility, availability, performance and cost efficiency.

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Hybrid cloud storage solutions include intelligent data tiering to optimize for different types of data.

  • Backup and Recovery

    Solutions that secure storage and protect customers’ data, applications and workloads.

Support that best fits your needs

Ingram Micro Cloud is accelerating the growth of channel partners and ISVs globally in both Commercial and Public Sectors. Ingram Micro Cloud partners and customers have access to a rich variety of offerings and services that are optimized for SMB customers.

We support you with:

Awareness and sales enablement to set you up for success.

There are various sales enablement activities (training, events and consultations) that will set your business up for success.

Assessments and migrations to transfer with confidence.

We increase time to value by working together on POCs, migration strategies and execution.

Deployment options that best fits your needs.

These packaged offerings have various deployment options which included: fully managed, co-managed or self-managed.

The solution growth journey.

We help our partners optimize, secure, transform and innovate their offerings.