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Why cyber security is a high priority for SMBs

In the past year, there has been a 300% increase1 in ransomware attacks. Over 50% of these attacks were targeting small businesses. The repercussions of these cyberattacks can be catastrophic to an organization’s reputation and finances. In the midst of these trends, it should be unsurprising that security is a key concern for SMBs.

  • 61% of small businesses that experienced a recent cyberattack were not able to operate.2
  • 60% SMBs lack the in-house skills to deal with cyberattacks.3
  • 33% of all cyberattacks target small businesses.4

Prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats.

Microsoft Defender for Business is an enterprise-grade security platform designed to help SMBs prevent, detect, investigate and respond to advanced cyber threats.

Microsoft Defender for Business has state-of-the-art protection that reinforces the security perimeter of your network. The enterprise-grade endpoint protection has been designed and built for businesses with up to 300 employees. With this platform, you’re able to elevate the security of your business against advanced and sophisticated threats.

Reducing the attack surface is the first line of defense in your security stack. By properly setting and applying configuration settings and mitigation techniques, you will have the ability to decrease the chances of a successful attack.

A solid security program is dependent on effectively identifying, assessing and remediating endpoint weaknesses. Threat and vulnerability management reduces your organizational exposure. As a result, it hardens the endpoint surface area and increases the resilience against cyber threats.

Robust cloud security solutions for SMBs

Microsoft Defender for Business brings together additional security capabilities into one package. The platform removes the need for separate web and network protection and discards the reliance on threat and vulnerability management solutions. The result is an all-in-one solution that simplifies your cloud security.

  • Available as a standalone offering or as part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

  • The stand-alone offering serves customers who are not subscribed to Microsoft 365.

  • Supports preview feature in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse that has a multi-customer viewing of security incidents.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1

Plan 1 offers endpoint protection capabilities. This plan offers top-notch fundamentals in prevention and protection for client endpoints that are running Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. This plan also includes next-generation protection, device control, endpoint firewall, network protection, web content filtering, attack surface reduction rules, controlled folder access, device-based conditional access, APIs and connectors and the ability to bring your own custom TI. If you decide to go with this plan, you will have access to the Microsoft 365 Defender security experience to view alerts and incidents, security dashboards, device inventory and the ability to perform investigations and manual response actions on next-generation protection events.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2

Plan 2 offers the most complete endpoint security solution. This plan is the best fit for enterprises that need a solution with advanced threat prevention and detection, deep investigation and hunting capabilities, and advanced SecOps investigation and remediation tools. Plan 2 is designed to provide more preventative protection against security breaches, reduce time to remediation and minimize the scope of attacks. Capabilities include vulnerability management, endpoint detection and response, automated remediation, advanced hunting, sandboxing, managed hunting services and in-depth threat intelligence and analysis around the latest malware campaigns and nation-state threats.
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Two ways to purchase Microsoft Defender for Business.

Option 1: As a standalone SKU for up to 300 users.
This purchase option permits use on up to 5 devices.

Option 2: Included as part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for up to 300 users.
Microsoft Defender for Business will automatically roll out to new and existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium customers.

What are the next steps?

  • Increase revenue by upselling to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

    Upsell from Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 BusinessStandard and Microsoft Exchange Online to Microsoft 365 Business Premium by highlighting the value of Microsoft Defender for Business.

  • Recruit non-Microsoft 365 customers.

    Microsoft Defender for Business is a great solution for customers who want additional security but are not yet ready to fully migrate to the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Get add-on revenue for cost-conscious customers.

    For Microsoft 365 customers who are not yet ready to upgrade to Business Premium (particularly in emerging markets), the standalone Microsoft Defender for Business option offers enterprise-grade security at an attractive price point.

Microsoft Security Expert Program fast-track your practice in 3 months

What is the Microsoft Security Expert Program?

The Microsoft Expert Program was designed to fast-track partners to become experts in Microsoft’s key solution area: Security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium. The program provides exclusive resources and benefits to help partners fully develop their practice; from training, to marketing, all the way through to sales execution.

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3Underserved and Unprepared: The State of SMB Cyber Security in 2019.

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5Price is subject to change based on subscription term, currency and region

6Optimized for SMB

7Additional Capabilities planned

8Requires Microsoft Intune. Intune is included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

9Requires separate server license. Please see Documentation for more detail.