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Help your customers migrate their mission-critical workloads to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) offers the proactive guidance and tools needed to set up a robust cloud environment. It also helps with migrating infrastructure, databases and application workloads, so you can move forward with confidence.

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Spend less money and time managing your datacenter, application and infrastructure.

Focus on growing your business with Microsoft Azure.

  • UP TO 5X
    AWS is five times more expensive than Microsoft Azure for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server1 .

  • SAVE UP TO 54%
    versus on-premises and up to 30% versus AWS by migrating ASP.NET apps to Azure2.

  • SAVE UP TO 80%
    on Windows Server with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances3.

    more energy efficient than traditional enterprise datacenters4.

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We will assist you at every stage of your migration journey.

Cloud migration and modernization is a continuous process that involves significant organizational change management, which includes people, process and technology.
With Ingram Micro Cloud, you can take a holistic approach. We will not only help you navigate through your journey successfully, but also help ensure that your organization realizes new benefits (such as efficiency, agility and scalability) once your workloads are running in the cloud.

Start Your Journey

Join thousands of customers who have accelerated and simplified their cloud journeys.

Data modernization to cloud

  • Enable seamless migrations from multiple database sources to Microsoft Azure data platforms with minimal downtime
  • Assess your SQL Server databases for Microsoft Azure readiness or to identify any migration blockers before migrating them to Microsoft Azure
  • Get tailored Microsoft Azure recommendations for your on-premises SQL Server database
  • Migrate databases at scale using pre-built automation templates
  • Orchestrate data movement activities and the monitoring of migration activities

Web application modernization5

Tired of constantly managing and patching your IIS or Apache server? Your cluster of web applications can simply be running on Microsoft Azure. The platform will help you build, deploy and deliver powerful web applications at scale.

Build and Ship New Updates Faster
Quickly push staging to product along with CI/CD pipeline integration. 

Increase Your Developer Productivity
Get your web applications to go live faster with direct source code integration from GitHub.

Enjoy hassle-free scale on-demand
Automatically upscale and downscale during traffic peaks with high availability on Microsoft Azure.

Save money, stay secure and scale on-demand with three offers.

  • Data Center Migration

    Save money, stay secure and scale on-demand. Move your customers’ Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Linux, Microsoft VMware Solution and Microsoft MySQL workloads to Microsoft Azure.

    Projects above 50 VMs for server or database rehost. 6

    Technical assistance for data center migration projects to Microsoft Azure for server or database rehost. Includes ECIF funding opportunity for partner scoping, app assessment (optional), landing zone and migration activity—as qualified.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Let us help you address specific business needs with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure, Citrix and VMware.

    250-2,500 users deploying to AVD Native, Citrix Cloud on Microsoft Azure or VMware Horizon Cloud Service for Microsoft Azure in next 12 months (production deployments). Can be net new users.7

    Technical assistance for deployment. Includes ECIF funding opportunity for partner scoping, landing zone and deployment user – as qualified.

  • Web Application Modernization5

    Scale web apps by migrating .NET apps to optimize costs, build managed services and improve performance.

    20-200 VMs powering on-premises .NET apps migrating to Microsoft Azure. VMs counted include both WS and Microsoft SQL Server instances.

    Technical assistance to migrate into App Service and Microsoft Azure SQL DB/Managed Instance. Includes ECIF funding opportunity for partner scoping/planning, app/database compatibility assessment, landing zone and migration to App Service and Microsoft SQL DB or ML.

Deliver on your customer’s data center migration, virtual desktop infrastructure and web app modernization projects. Get started with these three steps:

  • Nominate Your Customer

    Work with your local Ingram Micro Cloud representative to nominate your customer opportunity for review.

  • Submission Review Process

    Ingram Micro Cloud’s IaaS Professional Services team will review the entry and submit it to Microsoft for review.

  • Migrate and Maximize Your ROI

    Once approved, our IaaS Professional Services Center of Excellence team will collaborate with you to migrate the workloads to Azure. We will provide guidance on ensuring the customer workloads are secure, well-managed, and cost-optimized.

Ingram Micro Cloud is one of the leading indirect providers with a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP certification.

Ingram Micro Cloud obtained the Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) designation for the third year in a row. The Microsoft Azure Expert MSP is the premier designation for MSPs and validates Ingram Micro Cloud as a top global provider of managed services for Microsoft Azure.

Partners can take advantage of our Microsoft Azure professional and managed services to efficiently deliver scalable, value-added services to customers.

Take advantage of our Microsoft Azure Professional Services.

  • Discovery and Assessment Service

    Determines which applications can move to the cloud.

  • Architecture and Design Services

    Help you design the reference architecture on the cloud.

  • Proof of Concept Services

    Creates a simulation of how a workload will function on the cloud.

  • Migration Service

    Moves target workload(s) to the cloud seamlessly

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2GigaOm Report Sponsored by Microsoft – Costs and Benefits of .NET Application Migration to the Cloud

3Calculations based on scenarios running 744 hours/month for 12 months at a three-year Reserved Capacity. Prices as of October 24, 2018, are subject to change. Savings based on eight vCore Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Business Critical in U.S. West to running at Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit rate. AWS calculations based on RDS for SQL EE for db.r4.2xlarge on U.S. West (Oregon) in a multi-AZ deployment for Reserved Instances under standard three-year term (all upfront payment). Actual regional pricing and program discounts may apply. Actual savings may vary based on region, instance size and performance tier. Savings exclude software assurance costs, which may vary based on volume licensing agreement. Please see

4The carbon benefits of cloud computing, A study on the Microsoft Cloud in partnership with WSP. Updated 2020.

5For AU & NZ: Web App Modernization is not applicable.

6For AU & NZ: Data Center Migration – For projects of 5-50 servers, AMP eligibility will be on case by case basis.

7For AU & NZ: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – For projects between 25-250 users, AMP eligibility will be on case by case basis.