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Modernize with Azure to unlock new possibilities for your customers

Help your customers modernize on their own terms using Azure’s best-in-class security, scalable services and simple management platform with Ingram Micro Cloud expertise. Modernize your infrastructure, applications and data to accelerate time to market and deliver new experiences. Achieve greater agility and scale with built-in security and high availability.

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Benefits of Modernizing Workloads

  • Accelerate time to market

    Improve time to market by using fully managed application and data services such as Azure App Service, Azure Spring Apps, Azure SQL Database Hyperscale and Azure Cosmos DB. Quickly deploy apps using low-code application development, build on containers with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), manage workstreams with Azure DevOps and get unmatched technical expertise through Microsoft Unified Support.

  • Deliver innovative experiences at scale

    Discover new ways to be more resilient and flexible with technologies like SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL database as a service. Empower decision making process through Azure Application Insights and Azure Data Explorer Insights. Innovate at scale by with Azure AIOps, which helps your business to infuse AI and insights to meet market demands with new experiences.

  • Increase security and reliability

    Keep workloads more secure with Azure security, optimize throughput with Azure Web Application Firewall and identify problems in seconds using Azure Monitor. Keep databases up to date and automate tasks like high availability, disaster recovery, backups and maintaining peak performance with Azure SQL Database. Focus on building apps, not managing databases, with fully managed open-source databases.

  • Modernize on your terms

    Get the most value from the cloud with the application and data modernization that best aligns with your business objectives. Accelerate innovation across hybrid and multicloud environments with Azure Arc, which offers simplified management, faster application development and consistent Azure services. Organize, govern and secure apps and data across datacenters, the edge and multicloud environments.

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Lightning-fast innovation, elastic scalability, cost savings and better performance with App Modernization

Modern apps transform customer engagement with cross-device experiences, multicloud capabilities and data-driven intelligence. Microsoft App Service allows you to use popular frameworks like .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP or Python. Allowing you to quickly build, deploy and scale web apps meeting rigorous, enterprise-grade performance, security and compliance requirements and giving you a fully managed platform for your operational and monitoring tasks. Azure SQL DB gives you managed, scalable and intelligent SQL in the cloud to support your delivery of powerful, seamless performance.

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Accelerate projects with new or existing customers

Are you ready to bridge technology with opportunity?

Rapidly create and deploy web, mobile and API apps that scale with your business, on any platform.

Free developers from management of infrastructure.

Automate and simplify Azure deployments via integrated CI/CD capabilities with GitHub, VSTS and more.

Multiple deployment slots for easy blue-green testing, A/B testing and simple rollbacks. Ultimately, you have much more control over how you do your staging.

Meet rigorous performance, scalability, security, and compliance requirements using a single back end​.

Approaches and trade-offs to application modernization

There are several ways to approach application modernization, but each comes with trade-offs, as discussed below. Let Ingram Micro Cloud be your trusted advisor to guide you on the best suited approach for you.

Often referred to as “lift-and-shift”: It is fast and often aimed at lowering reliance on private datacenters. Companies faced with a hardware refresh find the cloud’s elastic pricing and provider-based management attractive. However, little or no functionality is added to the application.

Replatforming an application so it can take advantage of cloud platform capabilities such as autoscaling: This can be tricky and could result in unexpected (and unwelcome) surprises that impact application stability and performance.

Refactoring applications written with aging and rigid architectural patterns such as three-tier to take advantage of new approaches including microservices and serverless: This approach is time-consuming and somewhat lacking a well-understood set of best practices at present. It can also be pricey, given the frequent need to bring in specialized consultants to help with the journey.

A full application rewrite
This gives an enterprise the most flexibility in terms of application functionality. But like refactoring, it is costly and complex.

Replacing an application completely, such as with a new SaaS application from an ISV: This approach can offer speed and free up internal development resources for other projects, but it could result in risk given the business process change, limitations to customizations and the cultural adaptation to new software that is frequently involved.

Generate business insights and predictability by leveraging Data Infrastructure Modernization

Data architecture is key to applying the intelligence that drives insights and action your customers need.

By modernizing your approach to data and data analysis, you can unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and automation to generate valuable insights from your customers’ data. This can result in accelerated decision-making to deliver better customer experiences, drive top-line growth, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage.

A modern data architecture ensures that your customers’ organization’s data scales and is:

Accessible – Fast and easy to access, manage, analyze and process

Cloud-based – Able to use data from across and outside the business

Trusted – Compliant with data security and privacy regulations

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We empower you to take charge of data

Using a consultative approach, Ingram Micro Cloud experts deliver by combining their data engineering, cloud, data privacy and compliance skills with proprietary frameworks and maturity models provided by Microsoft to construct a modern data ecosystem for your customers. We provide strategic and technical consultation to help you discover what works best for you and your customers. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!



Are you getting the most out of your data?

It all starts with understanding the sources and data you get from your business and their respective usability and applicability. This requires a data ingestion, management and processing framework that is simple and powerful enough for efficient search and analysis. With the help of powerful data storage and analysis tools including the infusion of artificial intelligence, your client will have facilitated the process of understanding data, which will generate valuable insights for business decision making.

Stages of Data Modernization

  • Collection and Storage

    Collect and store the data in a highly available, massively scalable, durable and secure environment, allowing integration with tools for the next levels of analysis.

  • Descriptive Analytics

    Describe what has happened according to data collected, providing an easily digestible snapshot.

  • Diagnostic Analytics

    Seeks to delve deeper to understand why something happened to identify and respond to anomalies within the data.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Seeks to predict what is likely to happen in the future, based on past patterns and trends.

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    Combine previous analytics to determine what should be done next and how you can best take advantage of the future outcomes that have been predicted. At this point we can start incorporating machine learning, automation and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Advanced Data Collection

    Cognitive services and natural language processing (NLP) allow the interpretation of information in different formats such as files, messages, speech, videos, images, sounds, recordings, web pages and other elements of the natural world to incorporate information in the process of data analysis.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Uses computational resources that iteratively improve upon the information they collect and mimic human intelligence to perform autonomous tasks, make decisions and adjust to various environments with negligible human management. Also provide interfaces with people in regular language.

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