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Increase profit with a more robust security and compliance practice

Microsoft 365 products such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium, E3 and E5 and its expanded offerings have increased partner opportunities in both the SMB and Enterprise space, allowing partners to create their own IP and service offerings to increase total revenue potential.  The security and compliance revenue opportunity will be a lasting demand for partners to meet. As IT budgets fluctuate, the need to monitor, detect and respond to threats from a growing hybrid workforce will be a crucial gap for partners to fill in the upcoming years. With support from Ingram Micro Cloud, you can develop the strategy, the skills, and the go-to-market solutions you need to begin scale your business and meet gaps in your customers’ growth areas.

Modern Workplace opportunity for customers

According to research from Forrester, the expected revenue opportunity for a new enterprise customer is up by 13% year-over-year (YOY) with an expected value of $96.70 per user per month. For the SMB partner, they calculate that the revenue opportunity for the SMB customer will grow 17% year-over-year (YOY) with expected value of $38.

Security is a growing partner opportunity across all solution areas, accounting for 40% of the estimated revenue opportunity for partners.1

Leverage Ingram Micro Cloud’s resources, tools, and enablement programs to help you:

Deploy prescriptive implementation services of the Microsoft security stack. Either build internal competency with Ingram Micro certification training or outsource through our network of partner-to-partner solutions.

Build adoption services focused on upfront assessments and training. Build in repetitive cybersecurity assessments to provide ongoing assessment and gap training.

Build and integrate solutions around Microsoft 365 adoption. Augment Ingram Micro’s expansive ISV channel to augment Microsoft solutions customized to your customer needs.

Expand managed services with in-house or outsourced security management of Microsoft 365. Scale your managed offerings with an external SOC-as-a-service through our Center of Excellence to monitor and remediate in real-time.

Improve efficiency, streamline processes, accelerate your practice

Ingram’s Microsoft development framework offers a step-by-step growth plan to help you strategize, acquire the proper skill set, and operationalize your go-to-market strategy. With the resources in this framework, you can better understand the broader Modern Work opportunity and deep-dive into specific practice areas, such as Connected Workplace and Seamless Security.



Scaling is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Define your strategy

Explore the Modern Workplace partner opportunity and develop a roadmap for evolving your security practice.

2. Develop skills

Deepen or develop the skills needed to differentiate your offering, acquire and upsell more E5 SKUs, and increase your customers’ lifetime value.

Flight Academy – Keep pace with Microsoft technical updates and business enablement opportunities with briefings and trainings for every partner level.

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3. Operationalize & Go-to-Market

Take the final steps and transition from concept to reality with Go-to-Market strategies, co-selling resources, and more.

Yarvis – Maximize value with Ingram MicroCloud’s Lead Generation Program to help close new business opportunities by focusing exclusively on cloud solutions to generate, distribute and track revenue-generating conversations, across your entire partner ecosystem.*

*Partners are nominated by sales team

SMB Workshops– The Microsoft SMB workshop program is a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) standardized activity workshop program intended to drive customer acquisition by creating customer intent at scale.

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Turn your plan into a reality with Ingram Micro Cloud’s library of Go-to-Market resources.

Scale your Modern Work security practice with Ingram Micro Cloud

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Transform your security practice, upgrade your customer base, and increase your revenue with support from Ingram Micro Cloud.

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1A commissioned study conducted by Forrester for Microsoft, July 2022.