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NCE Testimonials

In the complex world of Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE), you need a simple, clear path to more profit—and Ingram Micro Cloud delivers.

By investing deeply in your success, we make it easy for you to boldly move forward and blaze your own trail. All so you and your business can empower the world to do more.

Robert Pope

Chief Commercial Officer

“Luckily, we’ve had Ingram Micro Cloud Cloud to help us navigate Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience successfully. From our monthly calls where they’ve advised us on the best approaches to keep us ahead of the market, to extremely informative webinars, we were able to migrate our business faster and more seamlessly with Ingram Micro Cloud.

“[When] we’ve had over £50k in orders waiting to be processed with a fast-approaching deadline, it didn’t matter whether it was past 10 p.m. or the weekend; The Ingram Micro Cloud Cloud team was always happy to jump on a call to support us.”

Bam Boom Cloud
United Kingdom
Dave Morris

Managing Director

“Like many other resellers, the last few years have presented many challenges. The global pandemic and changes to Microsoft’s licensing models have required some direction from leaders in their field, who can not only advise but also mentor partners through these challenges. RnD have been working with Ingram Micro Cloud for over 20 years. “The last 18 months have seen growth and prosperity in my business, which has come from not only the dedication of my own team but also individuals outside of my organisation”, said Dave Morris from RnD.

“It should be recognised that Nicola Millar has made an outstanding contribution in helping us over that said period. Her knowledge and dedication are unquestionably a class above other distributors we try and work with.

Some clear positives that Nicola has brought to my business

Microsoft rebate enablement and benefits, which we would never have known about.
Microsoft partner changes. A heads up so we can be prepared for what training we need.
What Technical training for engineers is available.
Introduction to key vendor specialists within Cloud Market Place.
Transition of Microsoft CSP to NCE transition. Would not be where we are today without Nicola

Thank you, Nicola, for all your help. You are my ‘fountain of Knowledge’.”

RnD Systems Integration
United Kingdom
Jhonnathan Garcia Santana

Director de Tecnología Lider de Infraestructura

“Since the transition from Azure Global to Azure NCE and now the inclusion of Microsoft 365 (ModernWork), we have found a lot of technical and commercial support in the Ingram Micro Cloud team. We now understand the details of each condition of the new NCE model and we feel secure in having the support of a company like Ingram Micro Cloud.”

“This preparation for NCE and the administrative processes that involve the transactions have been the fruit of the consistent training and assistance from the whole Ingram Micro Cloud team in Colombia.” This not only gives us peace with the new conditions, but we are also able to understand the conditions of leaving some of our customers on Legacy due to market conditions.”

Q-Vision Technologies
Jean-Sébastien Brugalat

BDM Microsoft Cloud & Modern Workplace

“The know-how and day-to-day support of the Ingram France Cloud teams are our best allies in our exciting evolution towards the New Commerce Experience. The ramping up of skills, sales events and the quality of the medium form the key pillars of our partnership.

A collaboration topped off by a great award for the strongest Cloud growth FY21! We have been able to support SMEs and medium-sized companies for two years towards methods of consumption as a service via the Ingram marketplace around Microsoft solutions and its ecosystem.

A long-lasting partnership, great joint success stories are ahead.”

JLL Informatique
Colleen Mascherin

Procurement/Quoting Specialist

“Our customers put a lot of trust in us at Netmon Inc, to get things done and look out for their best interest. NCE posed a major challenge that left gaps in the best way to move forward in supporting our customers. Ingram Micro Cloud’s Sales and Partner Success team members showed a lot of patience by explaining the details of what this transition means, resulting in a positive experience with our clients who were not impacted by this change.”

Netmon Inc.
Akos Zsufa

Directing Partner

“The Ingram Cloud team has been there at a moment’s notice to work with us and advocate about Microsoft solutions, on our behalf, plus helping us traverse this complicated new platform. It has been critical for us to have a strong partnership with the Ingram team to ensure that we are able to support our clients in their transition to the NCE program. Even though the Microsoft NCE program has several systemic issues our support from Ingram Micro Cloud has been excellent.”

Carl Fransen


“I found that using Ingram Micro Cloud’s White Glove service was essential to our move from CSP to NCE. This would have taken my staff days of painstaking work, manually adding a new NCE product, verifying the client and removing the old CSP license on every single subscription, per client.

All CTECH had to do was provide a simple Excel sheet of which subscriptions we wanted to be transferred. After we submitted it to the Ingram Micro Cloud Team, it was completed by the next business day.”

CTech Group
David Reimer

Director of Sales

“In January we launched a campaign with the goal of converting 100% of our customers to NCE by the end of March. The campaign included email, direct mailers, webinars and incentives. Not only did we accomplish our goal, but we also acquired net new NCE customers in the process. Ingram Micro Cloud was a key partner in making the NCE transition a seamless experience for our customers, especially given the short transitional timeframe. Both our delivery and sales teams have a great working relationship with Ingram Micro Cloud and appreciate the ongoing support they provide.”

Broadview Networks
Maria Angélica Gómez Ramirez

Directora Comercial

“For Intelecto, the companionship and support received from Ingram Micro Cloud has been vital on this new path with Microsoft NCE, being able to bring the correct information and advisement to our clients and allowing us to make a difference in the market.”

James Wagner


“Ingram Micro Cloud’s Microsoft Modern Workplace team is second to none. Navigating Microsoft’s NCE seemed overwhelming prior to engaging their team. They walked us through the program, becoming our NCE trail guides. We’ve tried other cloud distributors and the support we receive from Ingram, whether it be sales or technical Support, remains unmatched. The best part of their Partner Support are the value adds that allow my team to gain the knowledge they need in order to keep making us successful – Ingram Micro Cloud’s team has become part of ours. They’re always there to help.”

The ITeam
Graham Lilley

IT Services Support Team Leader

“The information we received from Ingram Micro Cloud prior to the NCE migration window was great! Their webinars were clear and concise for people with any level of knowledge needing to know what the path to NCE was and to understand what the migration would look like.

Due to the time constraints, system outages and other challenges we faced with the Microsoft/Ingram Micro Cloud systems, we had a single person doing the migrations, myself! At every step, Peter was there, be it a Teams message, a Teams call, video call, email, he was always filling us in with the latest status, and helping with support tickets, issues and general frustrations. He never once complained (other than the fact he needed yet another coffee!) and we always felt 100% supported by Peter.

We had numerous early morning/late night Teams calls to discuss options issues, and at no time did I wish we were with another partner. Ingram Micro Cloud went above and beyond in my opinion, thoroughly understanding that partners such as ourselves needed support and it was there, at every step of our journey. Huge thanks to Ingram Micro Cloud, for what was, a right royal pain, but my word, what support.”

United Kingdom
Diego Alejandro Quintero Merchan

Director Comercial

“The relationship between Ingram Micro Cloud and Malakai Soluciones has become closer each time, seeing in them a true strategic partner in the digital transformation processes we deliver to our clients.

We want to thank you for your effort, and for all of the companionship in the transition to New Commerce Experience, which allowed us to successfully migrate our clients to the new business model that Microsoft offers without having any impact on their operation, guaranteeing another year of work, side by side, as their #1 Gold Partner.”

Malakai Soluciones
Paola Andrea Laguna

Directora de Ventas

“First of all, we at Advanced IT are very grateful for all of the support given by Ingram Micro Cloud to make the change to the NCE contract as transparent as possible, both for new clients and clients who are renewing with us. Ingram Micro Cloud started to share this change with us long in advance, giving valuable materials to our commercial team and giving us several one-on-one sessions between their specialist team and our commercial team; with this information we at Advanced IT were able to generate a webinar for clients, where we, too, shared the changes and the new licensing model. The promotion that came out with discounts also helped us greatly, which helps in our renewal process to NCE.

In one month, we were working with the support of Ingram Micro Cloud in one-on-one sessions and direct consultation, which emerged during the process we had with our customers. In addition, they also supported our administrative department for these changes to have little impact on the renewal processes that we were doing with our clients.

Today, we are working on NCE, since we have helped our clients understand this contract model, thanks to the support given by Ingram Micro Cloud.”

Advanced IT de Colombia
Marcin Rudziński

Sales Director

“Ingram Micro Cloud has supported us in exploring and working with Microsoft New Commerce Experience from the beginning. Our orders are processed as quickly as possible and without any problems. Thanks to online meetings, consultations and conversations, we were able to offer our Customers the best possible migration paths of their environments into the new reality. In my opinion, the company has experience and extensive knowledge to carry out the commissioned orders, and the responses to inquiries are professional, of a high technical and quality level.”

IT Punkt