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New Commerce Experience

The one-stop-shop for all the relevant documentation and assets you need to understand, drive readiness, go to market, and maximize opportunities for NCE.

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Microsoft Resources

CSP New Commerce Experience Handbook

This handbook serves as a learning tool for partners in adapting to the CSP seat-based offers in new commerce release.

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Operating Guide: New Commerce Experience for CSP Seat-Based Offers

This guide is designed to help Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners quickly learn and understand how to transact Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 offers in the New Commerce Experience.

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Partner Center Announcements

Learn about Partner Center updates.

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More Savings. No Annual Commitment. Sign Up for Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) Today.

On September 1, 2022, Microsoft announced special Microsoft 365 promotional offers that help unlock new sales motions for partners.

By consolidating vendors or improving their security and productivity posture with a more premium product, Ingram Micro Cloud and Microsoft can enable partners to pitch how Microsoft 365 can help prospective and existing customers “do more with less”.

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Everything you need to know about Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Ready to transition to New Commerce Experience (NCE) early?  Here are Ingram Micro Cloud, our commitment to providing powerful platform capabilities and positive customer experience has positioned us as a top cloud partner choice in the channel.

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Microsoft New Commerce Experience Promotion – Launching January 10, 2022

Starting on January 10, 2022, a 5% discount an annual-term offers will be available on commercial seat-based offers in new commerce, and monthly term offers will be priced the same as annual term.

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Breaking Down Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

There are some exciting changes coming to the Microsoft partner channel. Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience is coming for all per-user subscriptions starting January 10. 2022 (original date of GA: October 14, 2021). Unfamiliar with New Commerce Experience (NCE)?

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Important Announcement – Microsoft Partner Attestation of Self-Dealing (MPA-SD) mandatory from February 23, 2022

From February 23, 2022, Microsoft will mandate the Microsoft Partner Attestation of Self-Dealing (MPA-SD) for both direct and indirect partners.

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Extension of CSP to NCE renewal enforcement date: How partners can continue to leverage Ingram Micro Migration Services

Microsoft has recently announced they will be extending their blocking of legacy CSP commercial renewals expiring July 11, 2022. Leverage Ingram Micro NCE Migration Services Today.

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Marketing Assets and Collateral

NCE Starter Guide

Your success tomorrow will depend on the business plan you build today. We can help guide you through the NCE process and craft a successful path toward a bright future.

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Microsoft Growth Guide

Learn how Ingram Micro can help you build your all-up Microsoft Cloud practice and scale your business with award-winning programs and campaigns.

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Microsoft Pro-Support Services

Partner Care provides Microsoft Pro-Support to Microsoft resellers that are transacting on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

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Ingram Micro White Glove Migration Services

Ingram Micro is proud to extend the following White Glove NCE Migration services to your organization and its customers.

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Cross-Sell to Maximize Revenue

Leverage NCE as a breakthrough topic to upsell and cross-sell in your existing accounts.

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Knowledge Base Articles

How to purchase NCE seat-based subscriptions from Reseller Control Panel

This article is a walk through of the order process for NCE Microsoft 365 offers as a reseller on the Cloud Marketplace.

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How to find your Partner MPN ID and Tenant Domain

Learn how to find your Partner MPN ID and Tenant Domain details that are required to place an order for NCE subscriptions.

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The new Upsizing/Downsizing Experience

Learn how the increase seats or decrease seats for NCE subscriptions on Ingram Cloud Marketplace.

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NCE Promotions on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

Understand how to utilize NCE early adopter promotions staring from January 10, 2022

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Subscription move from CSP to NCE (Increment/Decrement method)

This process is applicable for only those CSP subscriptions that were purchased through Ingram Micro.

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Subscriptions move from CSP (External provider) to NCE (Ingram Micro)

This process is applicable for only those CSP subscriptions that were purchased from another provider.

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