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Simplify customer management with Microsoft Online Management Extension (MOME)

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What is Microsoft Online Management Extension (MOME)?

MOME is a new service for Ingram Micro Cloud partners who resell and manage Microsoft services through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. The extension simplifies customer management, domain management, and security scores – connecting standard Microsoft Partner Center functionalities into your Cloud Marketplace account. With MOME, you can expand your service portfolio and spend more time on value-added business tasks.

This will initially be offered at no additional charge but in the future may be a paid Premium service.


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Sell and Manage Services in a Single Location

MOME’s Core Features

  • Customer Management.

    MOME brings Microsoft Partner Center functionality into the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. You can directly access customer accounts through the Marketplace, rather than splitting your time between the commercial world of the Cloud Marketplace and the operations world of Microsoft Admin Center.

  • Domain Management.

    Domain registration and management can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone. MOME offers automated domain registration and management features designed to simplify your workflows and reduce risk.

  • Secure Score.

    MOME exposes the Microsoft SecureScore information making it easier to identify customers not following security best practices and, ultimately, helping to prevent fraudulent use of services by malicious entities.

MOME Resources

Review these materials to gain a deeper understanding of the new service extension available to Ingram Micro Cloud partners.

An Overview of MOME

What is MOME and how can it benefit your business? Get a quick introduction to MOME, its capabilities, and its business impact in this promotional one-pager.

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