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Microsoft Accelerate Program

Evolve your Microsoft Cloud practice with best-in-class support from Ingram Micro.

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Moving partners at light speed

At Ingram Micro, we are dedicated to simplifying the complexity of the cloud. Whether you’re new to the channel or a cloud expert, you can turn to us to support you in your cloud journey.

Our Microsoft Accelerate program is designed to deliver exclusive services, promotions, and offerings for partners to build and grow a Microsoft Cloud practice.

We help partners grow their business and unlock opportunity with each successful transaction. This program exists to help partners answer a critical question: How do I find my next opportunity and be completely aligned with Microsoft Cloud Partner Program to gain a successful advantage?

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#1 Microsoft CSP Partner

Microsoft’s 2020 Global Indirect Partner of the Year
Microsoft Azure Expert MSP certified through our Azure Center of Excellence

As an Ingram Micro partner, get access to hands-on support and exclusive benefits including:

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    Cloud services and key tools

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    Preferential pricing

  • Competency development

  • Business development and marketing services

Cloud Acceleration: Delight customers and drive profitability

The growth of any business starts with satisfying your customers. Understanding and mastering the following development pillars will enable you to overcome growth barriers with a systematic strategy.

Most partners begin their cloud practice opportunistically and may stall out as they look to engage the market. Partner enablement pillars build practices that create a strong foundation for growth, so needed to succeed.

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace
Get more from our Cloud Marketplace—the world’s largest marketplace of category-leading digital services. Plus, get access to your own, white-labeled end customer portal.

Free PSA tool integration
Integrate your ConnectWise or Autotask software with Cloud Marketplace to scale your cloud business.

Fully automated Cloud Marketplace platform
Exceed your customers’ expectations by adding a powerful marketplace platform to your offering.

Customer-facing marketplace
Procure your licenses with a white-labeled consumer marketplace.

MPN ID guidance
Understand your scores in each capability and next steps to take to get solution designation.

Open API
Automate or start your eCommerce practice with Ingram Micro Cloud’s open APIs and Webhooks to create a seamless experience for your end customers.

Cross-sell advisor
Identify relevant cross-sell opportunities and see the projected incremental profit and revenue increases.

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Cloud services are complex. A partner’s ability to increase technical intensity truly differentiates them. We help you take your business to the next level with free instructor-led training for Microsoft Modern Work, Security, Azure and Business Applications.


  • Ingram Micro Cloud Flight Academy Training Program
  • Instructor-led training from fundamentals to Solution Architect Expert level
  • Access to Pluralsight for modular training to get key certifications
  • Discounted Microsoft certification vouchers
  • Ingram Micro Cloud Resources Hub and on-demand and live workshops, webinars, Microsoft 365 bootcamps, Azure immersion days, marketing masterclass

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Happy customers are long-term customers. Learn how to continuously meet customers’ needs through flawless execution that scales with your business. Optimize your execution with Ingram Micro Cloud strategies and support. We are here to help you increase your usage growth and number of successful deployments. Your success is our success!

Presales and Post-Sales Support
Access to numerous support services designed to ensure partners have the resources needed to succeed.

Yarvis – Leads Pass Through Assistance
Get access to Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads, BANT qualified leads all with Yarvis Program so your business can add customers.

Cloud Ascent
Get Crucial analytics and consulting sessions on Cloud Ascent data review to find your next best opportunity.

Access our Partner-to-Partner Program
Plus, our Elite Service Providers for implementation services.

Go-to-Market Hub
Access professionally designed sales assets and use templates to quickly launch new digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
Receive up to $2000 per quarter for events or digital marketing campaigns.

Access to our ULTRA Program
Get free enrollment to ULTRA for a year to give you the right insights, automation, know-how and exclusive offers to grow and retain customers.

Access to our FUEL Program Including exclusive services, enablement tools and promotions you need to diversify your portfolio and achieve a competitive edge.

Partner Frequency Incentive
Get rewarded for upselling and cross selling with up to $5000 in incentives to new end customers

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Microsoft Accelerate program benefits

Build breadth and depth. The program welcomes partners under 3 different tiers depending on where they are with their cloud journey:

  • Build Partners

    Getting started to Build Microsoft Cloud Practice

    Deal focused

    Few to none certifications

    Few dedicated resources

    Have less than 25 customers ideally

    *Monthly Recurring Revenue as per below

  • Breadth Partners

    Have a Microsoft Cloud Practice but have plan on solutions specialization

    Want to build Azure Practice, Modern Work and Security Practice, Business Applications practice at scale

    Some certifications

    Some dedicated resources

    Have less than 75 customers ideally

    *Monthly Recurring Revenue as per below

  • Depth Partners

    Established Microsoft Cloud Practice

    Employing multi-cloud Microsoft strategy

    Need help with P2P offers and GTM solutions

    Need help with Advanced certifications

    Dedicated resources

    Have more than 75 customers ideally

    *Monthly Recurring Revenue as per below

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More Enablement. More Skilling. More Revenue with Ingram Micro Cloud

Having the right skill sets to drive digital transformation is critical. Take advantage of tools and training to help you develop your team’s talent. Keep pace with Microsoft technical updates and business enablement opportunities with briefings and trainings for every partner level.

*Monthly recurring revenue for all partners tiers is as per follows depending on their country.

  1. For US: Modern Work Build: $0-$8,000; Modern Work Breadth: $8,001-$25,000, Modern Work Depth: $25,001 and above; Azure Build: $0-$1,000; Azure Breadth: $1,001-$10,000, Azure Depth: $10,001 and above, Business Applications Build: $0-$1,000; Business Applications Breadth: $1,001-$10,000, Business Applications Depth: $10,001 and above.
  2. For CA: Modern Work Build: $0-$8,000; Modern Work Breadth: $8,001-$25,000, Modern Work Depth: $25,001 and above; Azure Build: $0-$5,000; Azure Breadth: $5,001-$15,000, Azure Depth: $15,001 and above, Business Applications Build: $0-$1,000; Business Applications Breadth: $1,001-$10,000, Business Applications Depth: $10,001 and above.
  3. For AU: Modern Work Build: AUD$0-AUD$8,000; Modern Work Breadth: AUD$8,001-AUD$25,000, Modern Work Depth: AUD$25,001 and above; Azure Build: AUD$0-AUD$1,000; Azure Breadth: AUD$1,001-AUD$10,000, Azure Depth: AUD$10,001 and above, Business Applications Build: AUD$0-AUD$1,000; Business Applications Breadth: AUD$1,001-AUD$10,000, Business Applications Depth: AUD$10,001 and above.
  4. For NZ: Modern Work Build: NZD$0-NZD$8,000; Modern Work Breadth: NZD $8,001- NZD $25,000, Modern Work Depth: NZD $25,001 and above; Azure Build: NZD $0- NZD $1,000; Azure Breadth: NZD $1,001- NZD $10,000, Azure Depth: NZD $10,001 and above, Business Applications Build: NZD $0- NZD $1,000; Business Applications Breadth: NZD $1,001- NZD $10,000, Business Applications Depth: NZD $10,001 and above.
  5. For UK: Modern Work Build: £0-£8,000; Modern Work Breadth: £8,001-£25,000, Modern Work Depth: £25,001 and above; Azure Build: £0-£1,000; Azure Breadth: £1,001-£10,000, Azure Depth: £10,001 and above, Business Applications Build: £0-£1,000; Business Applications Breadth: £1,001-£10,000, Business Applications Depth: £10,001 and above.