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Scaling up your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Practice

Reach a higher volume of customers.
Grow faster with less sales effort.

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Gain more customers and increase demand 

Learn how to accelerate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business strategy and grow your customer volume this year.  

With this comprehensive eight-step methodology created by Neural Impact Experts and supported by Microsoft, you can increase your ability to shorten your sales cycle and deliver more CRM and ERP projects. 

The program provides partners with coaching, resources and a proven framework on how to generate more demand and accelerate your sales. 

Three options to participate

Building a repeatable practice

Invest in a program designed for long-term success: 

  • Differentiate your business with better defined business verticals 
  • Shift to a reoccurring SaaS revenue model 
  • Learn to provide packaged, repeatable and scalable solutions to the market 
  • Attract more leads and lower customer acquisition costs 
  • Automate sales and connect marketing to drive greater demand 
  • Fasten your project delivery cycle 
  • Increase margins and earn more consistent revenue 

Step-by-step program to guide your team

The eight high-volume capabilities allow you to expand faster and accelerate your growth while driving margins.

  • Focusing on a Specialization or Industry

  • Creating Differentiated Solutions

  • Packaging and Pricing Offers

  • Generating Demand

  • Accelerating Virtual Sales Cycles

  • Fast-Tracking Project Time and Value

  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

  • Driving Sales and Growth

Exponential opportunity in the market

Partners who can provide packaged solutions in an accelerated timeframe are best positioned to capitalize on the exponential opportunity in the market and see results with this program.


$78 Million SMB Organizations Worldwide

$17 Billion SaaS Solution Spend Potential


*Estimates based on the IDC (International Data Corporation)


Discover the key capabilities and proven results of the program.


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Reenergize the way you have been doing business with business applications experts

By working with our experts, you can develop critical skills to generate demand, amplify your sales efforts, go-live faster and scale value for your customers. 

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