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Say ‘yes’ to more cloud opportunities.

If you’re in the cloud business, you’re in the right place! Cloud consumption continues to increase as more businesses see the value the cloud has to offer. The demand from customers to move to the cloud creates a need to help migrate and manage cloud workloads. But have you turned away business (and revenue) because projects were too complex or outside your skillset? Have you migrated customers only to have someone else manage their services?

Stop turning down deals!  

With Azure Professional Services, you can help customers modernize their infrastructure with Migration and Professional Services, then make the most of their cloud investments with Cloud Management Services. Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, as an Ingram Micro Cloud partner, you can add services to your portfolio now and go after bigger deals backed by Azure experts.   

Don’t put your business at risk. Increase profits, earn new revenue and grow into new lines of cloud business with Azure Professional Services.   

With Azure Professional Services, you can:

  • On-Prem storage

    Become the cloud expert your customers need.

  • Data Center storage

    Deliver Azure Services now -without the upfront investment.

  • Cloud storage

    Keep cloud customers long term and secure your cloud future.

Seamless solutions. Expert support.

Cloud migration can be time consuming, risky and complicated. And hiring the right people with the right experience to meet specific needs is expensive. You’ve likely passed on IaaS opportunities outside your skillset—even lucrative ones. But what if you could take on (and earn on) complex cloud projects?


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Expand your cloud services portfolio with Azure.

Bring our Azure expertise in-house. With Azure Professional Services, you can:

  • Identify cloud opportunities
  • Architect, plan and migrate apps and workloads 
  • Maintain and optimize customers’ cloud environments

Leverage the technology, experience, network and clout of 350+ cloud infrastructure experts, 250+ certified architects, a Microsoft Gold Partner, an Azure Expert MSP and the world’s largest IT distributor. Our technical experts will work with you or act on your behalf as an extension of your team. And if migration issues arise, we have your back.  

Complete cloud solutions

You’ve worked hard to win IaaS business and build relationships with your customers. Why migrate their workloads to cloud then part ways? To keep your customers long term, they need more from you than just products and one-off solutions.   

Help customers discover what’s possible with Azure.  

With Azure Professional Services, you can help customers migrate to the cloud to make the most of their investments with architecture, monitoring, security and cost-optimization services. You’ll add value with best practices and custom consulting. And get the tools and support you need to deliver the right cloud opportunities to secure your cloud business and help your customers succeed long term.  

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Young woman in a blue shirt in front of a blue background.