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Drive Maximum Usage and Impact With Microsoft Co-Op

Microsoft Co-Op is a critical investment for Microsoft that drives key business priorities with partners. Its purpose is to reinvest into the partner’s business so it can accelerate future results and meet key objectives.

The goal is to help partners:

  • Increase customers
  • Drive demand generation
  • Meet key objectives
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase their sales pipeline

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The Benefits of Microsoft Co-Op

Microsoft Modern Work and Security

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase incentive earnings by selling Premium Mix
  • Establish new lines of business with Microsoft Teams Essentials, Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Windows 365 and more
  • Expand existing revenue opportunity

Microsoft Azure

  • Migrate existing applications to Microsoft Azure and optimize your business
  • Innovate with new apps and modernize existing apps
  • Set your customers up for success with the cloud

Microsoft Business Applications

  • Generate new customers for Microsoft Business Applications offers
  • Drive application usage and add seats in customer engagements
  • Sell additional applications and cross-sell Microsoft solutions

How Can You Grow Your Business With Microsoft Co-Op?

Demand Generation: Traditional advertising with broad reach that enhances the marketing and promotion of Microsoft offerings. The results and audience size can be measured.

Partner Readiness: Marketing activities designed for a specific customer audience that support the sale of Microsoft software licenses.

Market Development: Expenses related to Microsoft training, technical certification and program fees for internal partner personnel that promote the development of Microsoft technology expertise.

Access Key Microsoft Co-Op Funds Resources

  • Microsoft Commerce Incentives Co-Op Overview

    This deck provides details of Microsoft Co-Op funds in MCI.

  • FY23 Partner Incentives – Microsoft Co-Op Guidebook

    The Microsoft Co-Op Guidebook is for all partner incentive programs that receive co-op funds. It is published as one guidebook with program-specific differences that are highlighted.

    Download Co-Op Playbook

  • CSP Co-Op in a Box for Indirect Resellers

    This document is intended to provide a set of assets that indirect resellers can use to support the co-op planning and execution efforts.